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Riding a bicycle in New York will continues to be a popular way to get around no-matter how dangerous NYC street may be. In 2014 there were 284 cyclist accidents with 94 of those accidents resulting in serious injury according to NYPD Statistics.

Drivers in New York will forget to make room for bicyclists. Distracted driving, dui behavior, and cell phone usage while driving are a dangerous recipe for disaster for cyclists.

On July 7, 2015, Zach Schwartz was biking down Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn, when a car door opened in front of him, puncturing a six-inch hole in his neck and severing his carotid artery.
  • Hit-and-run truck driver kills Chinese immigrant riding bicycle in Brooklyn - Thursday, January 21, 2016
  • Hoyt Jacobs was riding through Long Island City last January when a Mack truck making a right turn caught him under its rear wheel. Jacobs died at  the scene.
  • Jeffrey Heller was pedaling through Bay Ridge last October when he was hit by an SUV turning left into the wrong lane.
  • Brooklyn bicyclist left critically injured after hitting pedestrian while pedaling against traffic - Thursday, July 23, 2015
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New York bicycle crashes can be fatal. Riding a bicycle in NYC can be risky. Maintaining control is more difficult on two wheels, and when collisions happen, bicyclists are at greater risk of serious injury or death because they don't have an enclosed vehicle for protection.

Common causes of bicycle crashes include:

  • Vehicles turning across path of cyclist
  • Cyclist riding into the path of a motor vehicle
  • Cyclist turning right from a major road and from a minor road
  • Child cyclist not abiding by NY street laws.