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Have you been seriously injured in a moving vehicle accident? You deserve an attorney that will fight to protect your rights. Rear-ended in a car crash? Contact the Best Car Accident Attorney in Brooklyn now: 1(718) 233-3913.

Accident Lawyers at Ajlouny Injury Law, knows that any serious injury accident can victims feeling helpless. Some will face loss of income, mounting medical bills, loss of function, and physical rehabilitation that may take months, even years.

We will review your personal injury claim and advise you of the best course of action. We fight on behalf of our clients, ensuring that they are compensated fully for your injuries. Our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers fight serious injury even fatality cases throughout Kings County.

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With over 30 years of successful litigation, our personal injury attorneys have settled thousands of injury claims including: Car accidents, truck accidents, bus or train accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, ATV and boating accidents, dog bite injury, premises liability, defective product, and nursing home neglect.

We go head-to-head with insurance adjustors representing negligent parties responsible for your accident. There are no fees until your case is settled. Our lawyers will meet you at home, work or hospital room, no need to  travel.

Learn about Fatal Accident Compensation (claims for accidents causing fatal injuries). Our Brooklyn law firm assists families suffering the loss of a loved one, in an accident, file a wrongful death lawsuit. Once we have accepted your case, our Brooklyn personal injury attorneys will help arrange for your medical care, whether you have insurance or not.

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Paul Ajlouny is currently handling a case for my parents who was injured in a car accident. It has been a pleasure working with him and his team, Susan. They have been very helpful and responsive. Based on my experience so far, for anyone looking for a car accident lawyer I would recommend Ajlouny Injury Law. I look forward to leaving a follow up review once the case has come to a conclusion. T.Un

Mr. Paul Ajlouny is the best personal injury attorney in New York City. I was hurt very bad, when he came to my aid and helped me in every way he could. He went above board and did more than just any attorney. He is a great man and has a heart that is full of empathy for people. I was at a store, shopping and all of a sudden all these heavy duty boxes fell on my head and neck and all over. My head was killing me. I asked to speak with the manager and he would not talk to me or even make a report. I went to the hospital and I found out that I had a concussion and neck sprain and my head hurt so bad. I called around, I knew no one, because I was visiting with my son in New York. I found Paul Ajlouny, he answered the phone and said, don't worry Ms. Allende, "I will help you." Mr. Ajlouny and his dream team got me $590,000.00 for my accident of those boxes falling on my head and neck at my mediation to settle my case. Theresa Allende