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NY Chemical Exposure Injury Attorneys

Toxic injury can be caused by everyday substances from all kinds of products. Hazardous chemical substances can be accidently released into our breathing air, water, or ground causing serious health risk.

Dangerous toxic exposure causes kidney damage, brain damage, nerve damage and cancer. If you suspect an ailment from a poisonous toxic chemical call to speak to a New York toxic tort, personal injury attorney.

We represent claims involving asbestos exposure, lead poisoning and deformity in children from toxic lead paint. If you are a worker in a facility exposed to and adversely affected by toxins call us and speak to one of our attorneys for free!

Hazardous toxins and chemicals include PCBs, mercury, and Mycotoxins. Toxic chemicals released by bacteria and oxygenic fungi, can be found in the spores of Stachybotrys or on mold fragments.

9/11 Toxic Debris Attorney
environmental hazards attorney in NY
Helping 9/11 first responders exposed to toxic dust

If you think you may need an experienced toxic tort attorney, please contact our law firm for a  free case evaluation by one of our qualified personal injury attorneys.

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