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What Kind of Evidence Do I Need to Collect After a Car Accident?
August 24, 2022
Steps You Can Take to Maximize Your Recovery After an Auto Collision If you are involved in an auto accident, there are steps that you can take to maximize your recovery. In addition to seeking medical treatment and retaining an attorney, you can collect evidence to prove your case. It is essential to act quickly, […]
How Long Do I Have to Sue After a Car Accident in New York City?
August 12, 2022
Understanding the Statute of Limitations for Accident-Related Lawsuits After a car accident, one of the first questions you may have is how long you have to sue. If you are seriously injured, you may have mounting medical bills or be unable to work. Failing to file a claim for damages within the statute of limitations […]
Suing After an Accident With a Commercial Vehicle
July 27, 2022
How to Get Compensation If You Have Been Hit By a Commercial Vehicle Tractor-trailers, tankers, and other commercial vehicles are common sites in New York City. Whether they are hauling materials to and from construction sites or on their weekly trash route, these vehicles are behemoths far exceeding the weight and size of even the […]
How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in New York City
July 15, 2022
Safety Tips for New York Motorcyclists and Other Drivers  Studies show that motorcyclists are overrepresented in fatal traffic accidents throughout the country. Thousands of motorcycle operators die each year, many in preventable crashes. In order to protect yourself and others, you need to know what the leading causes of motorcycle accidents are and how you […]
How Do Car Accident Settlements Work in New York City?
June 23, 2022
The Car Accident Settlement Process in New York Car accidents can bring up numerous unexpected costs. Few people prepare financially for medical bills or car repairs related to a sudden collision. In most cases, car accident victims are entitled to compensation for their losses which is paid through a settlement. The settlement process, however, can […]
Can a Minor Car Accident Cause Herniated Disks?
June 7, 2022
Obtaining Compensation for a Herniated Disk After a Car Crash Many people wrongly assume that minor car accidents cannot cause major injuries. The truth is that even low-speed collisions can result in serious harm, including herniated or slipped disks. Back and neck trauma are among the most common injuries individuals experience after a crash and […]
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