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Have you been injured in a Williamsburg car accident?

When you’re injured in an accident in Williamsburg everything in that moment becomes chaotic. Don’t Panic! The first step is talking to a New York personal injury attorney for free advice. Ajlouny Injury Law experienced New York car accident lawyers answer questions 24 hours all day, every day: CALL:1-800-535-5029. Personal injury cases may settle quickly, or may take time. No case is the same. Having an experienced accident lawyer on your side makes a difference. WE WIN WHEN YOU WIN!

Ajlouny Injury Law protects victims of auto accidents by recovering compensation for pain & suffering from injuries sustained in the accident. For over 30 years, the lawyers at Ajlouny Injury Law have protected the rights of accident victims injured due to the negligence of others. Individuals hurt in an accident need an advocate to manage their personal injury claim while they focus on recovering from their injuries.

Our experienced, compassionate, and aggressive personal injury lawyers understand the state of mind of our clients and will shoulder all the responsibility of dealing with insurance companies and attorneys from defending the at fault party.

If you don’t win, we don’t win!

Ajlouny Injury Law attorneys & staff are available to answer your questions about the  status of your case anytime. If you have suffered an injury, lost a loved one due to a wrongful death contact Ajlouny Injury Law to discuss the best course of action ASAP.

Contact us at: 1-800-535-5029 or online so that we can talk to you about how we can help. Schedule your free consultation with Ajlouny Injury Law today.

Serious accidents resulting in traumatic injury can leave accident victims in a state of panic over mounting medical bills, time away from work and overwhelming anxiety over what to do next. Consulting with an expert Williamsburg personal injury attorney for some free legal advice would alleviate that stress, giving an injured victim the time to heal.

New York State No-Fault Insurance (PIP) is granted to NY registered vehicle owners, providing monetary compensation up to $50,000 for medical expenses, loss of earnings, etc… NO MATTER WHO’S AT FAULT for the accident.

Our law firm only manages Personal Injury litigation ensuring the best possible focused legal services. When you have a serious personal injury, our attorneys take into account your physical injuries, mental state of mind, lost wages, recovery and rehabilitation.

Ajlouny Injury Law understands that your future depends on us. Trust us and feel secure knowing that your medical and financial needs you incur from your serious personal injury will be taken care of.

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If your injuries prevent you from traveling to our office, we will come to you anywhere in the Williamsburg, NY metro area! We make home and hospital visits. We have a no win no fee policy. Call (800) 535-5029 for free advice today!



When injured in a car accident that’s not your fault, you need a personal injury attorney to protect your rights. Insurance adjusters tend to advise injured victims that they do not need a lawyer. Insurance companies try to play hero and convince the injured person that they will pay them the compensation they deserve.

Serving Williamsburg, NY

Williamsburg, NY

Frequently Asked Questions after getting injured in a wreck is completely understandable. With that in mind, our Williamsburg, NY auto accident attorneys have provided answers to a few common questions in the section below.

If you do not see your concern addressed, then please contact our office so that you can speak with us about your unique situation.

You should receive compensation for all of the financial expenses and non-economic damages caused by the wreck. This includes current and future medical bills, lost income, vehicle repair, and more. It also may include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost enjoyment of life due to ongoing physical or emotional limitations.

No, it is entirely possible that an external party was at least partially liable for your single-vehicle accident.​


For example, the manufacturer may be liable for a defective tire or auto part. A road construction crew might be negligent for failing to put up detour signs or leaving debris in the road. It is even possible that the government entity responsible for road maintenance is to blame if a pothole or uneven lane played a role.

It’s very unlikely you will have to go to court, but it’s possible. With most auto crash claims, your Williamsburg, NY vehicle crash attorney will be able to negotiate fair compensation through settlement proceedings. If the insurance companies involved in your case won’t agree to a fair settlement, that’s when your attorney will recommend that you go to court.

Rear-end collisions are often the fault of the rear driver . If someone hits you from behind, it is 99.9%  never your fault, regardless of why you stopped. A basic rule of the road requires a vehicle to be able to stop safely if traffic is stopped ahead of it. If it cannot stop safely, the driver is not driving as safely as the person in front.


Are you ready to get financial compensation for your injuries, losses, pain and suffering caused by your accident? Then let Ajlouny Injury Law help you. When you hire an experienced New York accident attorney, you put yourself in the best position possible to bring your claim to a successful resolution.
To schedule a free consultation with a Williamsburg, NY car accident lawyer, give our staff a call at 718-233-3913 or contact us online today.


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