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The Role of Witness Statements in Car Accident Cases

The Role of Witness Statements in Car Accident Cases

October 31, 2023
Paul Ajlouny

How Eyewitness Testimony Can Help Establish Liability and Help You Win Your Case

The issue of liability is at the center of any car accident case. To recover damages, injured victims must prove the other party was at fault for their injuries and, therefore, liable for the losses sustained as a result of those injuries. In many cases, establishing liability is straightforward, but when fault is in question, witness statements can prove essential.

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Witness Testimony Can Establish Fault

To recover damages in a car accident injury claim, you must show the other party was responsible. Without sufficient evidence, the issue of fault could hinge on your word against that of the defendant. If your claim has turned into a case of “he said, she said,” testimony from an impartial witness can tip the scales in your favor. A witness can testify that the other driver ran a red light or was speeding at the time of the crash, helping you prove the defendant was negligent and ultimately at fault for the accident.

An Eyewitness Account Can Provide Additional Information

When you are involved in an accident, it is sometimes hard to know what really happened. You may not have seen or heard the other car before the crash took place, or you were either too distracted or injured after the collision to determine what actually occurred. 

A witness can provide additional information about the crash and fill in crucial details that can ultimately help you win your case.

Witness Testimony Offers a Credible Unbiased Version of Events

A plaintiff and defendant will typically provide significantly different versions of what took place. Testimony from an impartial witness, however, provides an unbiased account of what happened that can corroborate your side of the story.

An Eyewitness Account Can Help You Get a Higher Settlement

Insurance companies base their payout on the value and validity of the claim. One critical factor used to determine a claim’s validity is the credibility of the claimant’s account of what took place. A credible, impartial witness can boost the validity of your claim, therefore, making it more likely the insurance company will offer you a fair settlement amount.

Witness Testimony Is Admissible in Court

Most car accident cases settle out of court. However, if the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, the matter may need to be resolved by a judge or jury. If your car accident case goes to trial, you can present witness statements as evidence. The credibility of your witnesses and the consistency of their testimony can drastically increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

Exchange Information with Witnesses After a Car Accident

The moments after a car crash can be chaotic. However, if it is safe to do so and you are physically able, gather the contact information and a brief statement from eyewitnesses at the scene. Don’t just limit yourself to one eyewitness. The more people you have who can corroborate your version of events, the stronger your case will be.

Speak with a Leading Car Accident Lawyer in NYC

Insurance companies will challenge liability in an effort to minimize the payout - or avoid one altogether. That is why it is critical to collect as much evidence as possible and build a strong case, one that clearly establishes the other party was at fault for the accident. 
At Ajlouny Injury Law, our NYC car accident lawyers are committed to protecting your rights and best interests. We will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve by thoroughly investigating your accident and compiling strong evidence to support your claim. Contact us online or call (718) 233-3913 today to speak with a qualified attorney for free.

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