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What Is A Personal Injury?


Our law firm only manages Personal Injury litigation ensuring the best possible focused legal services. When you have a serious personal injury, our attorneys take into account your physical injuries, mental state of mind, lost wages, recovery and rehabilitaion. At Ajlouny Injury law Law Offices, we know that your future depends on us. Lean on us and feel secure knowing that your medical and financial needs you incur from your serious personal injury will be taken care of.
per?son?al in?ju?ry ˈpərs(ə)n(ə)l ˈinj(ə)rē/ nounLaw noun: personal injury; plural noun: personal injuries physical injury inflicted on a person's body, as opposed to damage to property or reputation.

Personal injury - Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property. ‎Types ? ‎Claims and payments ? ‎Damages ? ‎No-fault compensation fund.


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An injury not to property, but to the body, mind, or emotions. For example, if you slip and fall on a banana peel in the grocery store, personal injury covers any actual physical harm (broken leg and bruises) you suffered in the fall as well as the humiliation of falling in public, but not the harm of shattering your watch.  - Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary

Personal Injury Claims

Every tort claim, regardless of its basis, whether intentional, negligence, or strict liability, has two basic issues—liability and damages. Was the defendant liable for the damages you sustained, and, if so, what is the nature and extent of your damages? If you can prove liability and damages, our system of justice will award you compensation for your loss. - American Bar Association

What is Personal Injury Coverage?

This coverage applies without regard to who was at fault in the accident. It covers losses tied to injuries, and does not cover damage to a car, or to any other property. No-fault insurance coverage is provided on a per-person, per-occurrence basis. The Hartford.

Steps in a Personal Injury Claim

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