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Car Accident

Settlement for a driver that underwent several surgeries to his right knee, including a total knee replacement.

Back Injury

Settlement for an unemployed female that was hit by a cart at a supermarket, that underwent lumbar fusion surgery 36-months after.

Pedestrian Accident

Amount recovered for a female with numerous prior conditions that was stuck while in a store by a hand-truck and required cervical fusion surgery.

Motor Vehicle Accident

58 year old women hit in the rear in Queens, sustained neck and back pain

Auto/pedestrian collision

Client was struck after crossing approximately = of crosswalk with green light. INJURIES: Motor vehicle negligence - Auto/pedestrian collision - Plaintiff contends he is struck after crossing approximately = of crosswalk with green light - Skull fracture - Subdural hematoma - cognitive deficits. FACTS: Our client, a pedestrian, in his early 20s, was crossing in the crosswalk with the green light, when he was struck by the defendant who failed to stop at the red light, sustaining serious life-changing injuries. Our client suffered a fractured skull, subdural hematoma without loss of consciousness and fractures of the 9th, 10th and 11th ribs. The client suffered permanent pain and difficulties with memory and concentration. The case settled at mediation for $600,000.

Car Accident

Settlement for a driver that was rear ended and injured her back, requiring surgical intervention.

Pedestrian Accident

Amount recovered for a pedestrian who was crossing the street requiring neck surgery. Defendant denied making contact and/or hitting our client.

Pedestrian Accident

Amount recovered for a pedestrian that underwent several surgeries after being struck while crossing the street. This settlement was achieved within ninety (90) days of the accident.

Passenger Injury

Settlement for a passenger in an access-a-ride that sustained a fracture in the hip requiring surgery.

Car Accident

Amount obtained for a driver that sustained injuries to her back, requiring fusion surgery. Defendants claimed that the accident was caused by our client and at first, took a no-pay position until we proceeded with litigation.

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Car Accident

Recovered for a driver that underwent carpal tunnel release surgery after being struck by a vehicle that ran the stop sign.

Slip & Fall

Settlement for a 61-year-old, unemployed female, who slipped and fell at a Dollar Tree Store in the Bronx and underwent arthroscopic knee surgery 2-months after the fall (Plaintiff had extensive, prior treatment to the same body part).

Slip & Fall

Amount obtained  for a patron that was caused to slipped and fell on water, and was diagnosed with herniations and bulges.

Commercial Car Accident

Amount recovered for a pedestrian hit by a FEDEX truck that was diagnosed with two (2) bulges.

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