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Being in a car accident is a frustrating and difficult experience, but when you or a loved one is hurt, it can be both physically and financially devastating. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your injuries so that you can receive the medical treatment you need and take time off work to fully recover. At Ajlouny Injury Law, we represent individuals and their families who have been injured or killed in auto accidents throughout Queens. We know the financial hardship that is created by an unexpected accident and injury. Let us help you recover the money you deserve after an accident.  If you have been injured in a car crash, contact our Queens office to speak with a car accident lawyer today at (516) 535-5555. We provide free legal advice, and you pay no fees unless we win.

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Involved in a Car Accident in Queens? Hire a Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

When you are injured or have lost a loved one in a car accident, you may be unable to work or have unaffordable medical bills. An attorney can ensure that you receive the maximum compensation based on the circumstances of your case and your injuries. An insurance company may try to downplay your injuries or get you to settle for less than your case is worth. You should never settle without first consulting with an attorney. Without the help of an attorney, you may be getting less money than you deserve. At Ajlouny Injury Law's Queens office, our car accident lawyers will review your case for free. We will help you determine the best course of action in order to obtain the most extensive recovery possible.

Don't be a Statistic! Protect Your Rights with a Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are a common occurrence in Queens. According to the New York City Police Department, there were 2,755 motor vehicle collisions in a single month. As noted by the NYPD’s Report Statistics, in one month alone:

  • 741 motorists were injured, and 4 were killed in motor vehicle collisions in Queens;
  • 429 passengers were injured, and 2 were killed;
  • Over 240 cyclists and pedestrians were injured;
  • The overwhelming majority of injury and fatal collisions were caused by driver inattention or distraction;
  • The second most common contributing factor in car accidents was following too closely.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in Queens. Each year over 90 people die in car accidents in the borough. Motor vehicle collisions are also one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and emergency department visits.  If you or a loved one are seriously injured in a car crash, call our office to discuss your case with a Queens car accident lawyer today.

Was Your Car Accident Caused by Negligence? Learn More About Your Rights

Car accidents can be caused by one or more factors. Data collected by the New York State Department of Health shows that an average of 2 people die, and 11 people are hospitalized each week due to motor vehicle collisions in Queens. Tragically, most of these accidents were preventable, caused by motorist negligence. Common causes of traffic accidents in Queens include:

  • Driver inattention/distraction
  • Failure to yield right of way
  • Unsafe speed
  • Driving under the influence/Driving while impaired
  • Following too closely
  • Traffic control disregarded
  • Improper turning/passing
  • Unsafe lane change
  • Aggressive driving/road rage

If you believe that another person was at fault for your accident, contact our office at (516) 535-5555 to discuss your legal options with a Queens car accident lawyer today. Dealing with insurance, even in a No-Fault state like New York, can be complicated. Your best chance at receiving full and fair compensation for your injuries is by retaining an experienced attorney.

Injured After a Car Accident? You May be Entitled to Damages

While some auto collisions are relatively minor, many result in severe injury or even death. When someone is seriously injured, they may require years of medical treatments to recover. In cases of catastrophic harm, a person may never be able to return to work or regain full use of their body. Typical injuries after a car accident may include:

  • Broken bones and fractures - Because traffic accident victims often try to brace themselves for impact, some of the most common fractures occur in the arms and wrists. Other breaks that may result from a collision include broken legs, ribs, back, hip, pelvis, and facial or skull fractures.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) - Car crashes are among the leading causes of traumatic brain injury in the country. TBI can result in permanent disability, including the loss of independent function.
  • Whiplash - Whiplash and other neck pain happen most often in rear-end collisions where the body is forcibly thrown forward. Whiplash can range in severity and may require spine surgery to correct.
  • Lacerations and amputations - Serious car wrecks may cause severe lacerations or even amputations. A deep gash may do tissue and nerve damage which prevent a person from ever regaining full use of their extremity.

It is essential to seek medical attention, even if you do not believe that you are seriously injured. Your body may be in shock and unable to determine the severity of your injuries  Furthermore, some pain or conditions such as whiplash may not be immediately apparent. A medical professional can help determine whether you have injuries that require additional treatment.

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Were you or a loved one injured in a car accident in Queens? Contact Ajlouny Injury Law for free legal advice. We can help negotiate with the insurance company and get you the money you need for medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Call today at (516) 535-5555 to get started. Even if your case was rejected by another attorney, we might be able to help. Get a free second opinion from a knowledgeable Queens car accident lawyer today. There are never any fees unless we win!

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