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5 Lawyer "Red Flags" That Should Make You Reconsider Your Representation

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A simple Google search for a personal injury lawyer can yield thousands of choices. It can be difficult to know which attorney to hire to get the best possible outcome in your case. Maybe you have hired a lawyer, but are unsure whether they are doing a good job or have the experience and skill necessary to get you the largest recovery available. 

We’re here to provide the advice you need so you can have the best chance at recovering the compensation you deserve in your personal injury case.

5 Lawyer “Red Flags”

1. They Do Not Return Phone Calls and Emails.

A lack of communication is the #1 red flag that you have hired the wrong personal injury law firm. An attorney should be ready and willing to discuss your case. If your calls repeatedly go unanswered or your emails unreturned, you should consider getting a second opinion about your case.

When you are injured, the last thing you need is an attorney that is too busy or lacks the consideration to answer your questions. You should also be concerned if your attorney is never available and only a paralegal or other staff member is returning your calls. 

At a minimum, you should be able to schedule a telephone conference with the attorney you retained to discuss updates on your case.

2. They Do Not Keep You Informed About Your Case.

If it has been weeks or months since you have heard from your lawyer, you should reconsider your representation. A highly qualified attorney will keep you informed at every stage of your case. 

While some personal injury cases may require lengthy litigation, you should never have to call in to find out what is going on with your claim. Communication is paramount in a personal injury lawsuit. A law firm should provide regular, detailed updates about the progress of your case. 

A failure to proactively inform you about your claim may be a sign that the attorney does not have the time or resources necessary to pursue the maximum compensation for your injuries.

3. They Make Promises or Guarantees.

Other than a “no fee” guarantee, no attorney should make promises about the outcome of your case. The legal system is built on precedent, but the outcome of one case does not guarantee the same results for your claim. 

A lawyer should always be honest about the strengths and weaknesses of your lawsuit and should never attempt to mislead you into believing that prior case results guarantee a similar outcome. It is unethical and a violation of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct.

4. They Want Money Upfront.

You should never have to pay to find out if you have a valid legal claim based on personal injury or wrongful death

In general, when you hire an injury attorney, you should never have to:

  • Pay for a consultation;
  • Sign a retainer that is ambiguous or unclear about fees;
  • Provide money out-of-pocket; or
  • Pay any fees unless you win.

Most personal injury cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless money is recovered on your behalf. 

5. They Do Not Seem to Care About Your Case.

If you are seriously injured or have lost a loved one, you need an attorney that cares about you and your case. If you call the law firm and the staff does not know who you are, or the attorney seems unfamiliar with the facts of your case, consider getting a new attorney.The attorney you hire can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Make sure that you feel comfortable with them and that they always conduct themselves in a professional manner. If they do not seem to care about your case, they may not fight for the results you deserve.

4 Things to Look for in a Lawyer 

When hiring an attorney for a personal injury lawsuit, you want to make sure they are dedicated to you and your recovery. 

Things to consider when deciding which lawyer to hire:

    1. Prompt communication - Do they return phone calls and answer texts and emails?
    2. Transparent billing practices - After taking your case, does the firm clearly outline how their contingency fee works? If not, are they transparent in answering all of your questions?
    3. Proven results - Is the firm primarily focused on personal injury? Does the attorney have an extensive list of case results?

You should never be made to feel like your case is not important. Do not settle for less. Get the help you need today from an experienced lawyer.

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