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June 23, 2023 | Personal Injury

Do I Have to File a Police Report After an Accident in NY?

How a Police Report Can Help After an Accident

Being involved in a serious accident can leave you reeling. No one ever expects to be injured in a car accident, so when a crash does occur, accident victims are often left wondering what they should do. And one of the first questions they ask is whether they should file a police report.

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Filing a Police Report After an Accident

A police report will provide details about your accident to the insurance companies and courts. It will also help your NYC personal injury lawyer determine whether you have a valid claim for damages.

In New York City, drivers do not need to file a report if the accident did not result in any injuries. However, if the collision leads to injuries, motorists are required by law to report the crash to the police. Once you have filed a police report, you can request a copy of the report by using this link.

Drivers must also file an accident report with the NY DMV within 10 days of the accident. This report must be filed regardless of whether the accident only resulted in property damage or if those involved sustained any injuries. You can print a copy of the DMV form MV-198C here.

Reporting the Accident to the Police

If you can, you will need to exchange certain information with the officer and the other motorist(s). These details will help you file the collision report with the DMV and report the accident to your insurance company. The basic details you will need to give to the police include the following:

  •  Name
  • Phone number
  •  Address
  • Driver’s license number and expiration
  • Insurance company information

After providing the above information, the officer will likely ask you to describe what happened. It is extremely important to be detailed and honest when you explain what took place. Keep in mind that it is well within your legal right to decline to give this information. In fact, you can politely inform the officer that you would like to speak with your attorney before discussing any details of the crash.

What to Do After an NYC Car Accident

In addition to filing a collision report with the DMV and police, motorists should also take the following steps after an accident.

●     Seek Medical Attention - Although many injuries are immediately apparent, some injuries, such as head injuries and internal bleeding, can take some time to present themselves. To ensure your injuries are quickly identified and treated, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

●     Document the Accident - Important facts can be forgotten over time. That is why it is best to promptly document what happened before, during, and after the accident. Be sure to include any statements made by the other drivers as well as any details given by eyewitnesses. It is also important to document the accident by taking pictures and video of the accident scene and the vehicles involved.

●     Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan - To heal as fully as possible, it is important to stick with your doctor’s treatment plan. Adhering to your physician’s advice will also help to show the nature and extent of your injuries and increase your chances of securing compensation.

Speak with a Top Personal Injury Lawyer in New York City

We know you have many questions after being involved in an accident. And it is important to keep in mind that the steps you take following the crash can significantly affect the outcome of your case. Insurance companies don’t have your best interests in mind, but our legal team will.When you call our NYC personal injury law firm, you will speak with one of our experienced injury attorneys. We will walk you through the process and ensure your rights and best interests are protected. To learn more about what to do after an accident and take the first steps in securing the compensation you deserve, schedule a FREE consultation with one of our top NYC personal injury attorneys. Contact Ajlouny Injury Law online or call (718) 233-3913 today.

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