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May 19, 2022 | Car Accidents

How Soon Should I Go Back to Work After a Car Accident?

Why Returning to Work Too Soon Can Affect Your Recovery

After a car accident with serious injuries, you may need to take time off of work to fully recover. Unfortunately, there might not be clear guidance on how long you should take off and whether returning to work would be detrimental to your overall recovery. You should never feel pressured to go back to work before you are ready or before your doctor has cleared you.

At Ajlouny Injury Law, our lawyers fight to ensure car accident victims receive the compensation they deserve so that they can take the time off that they need. If you are injured in a car accident, you need legal representation to help you understand your rights. Contact our office at (718) 233-3913 for a free consultation. 

Returning to Work After an Auto Accident

After an injury, you should be able to take off the time you need. Too often, accident victims are left navigating the process alone. They go back to work before they are ready, only prolonging their physical recovery. If you are seriously injured and have not recovered, you should receive compensation for the time you miss from work.

A car accident lawyer can help you understand your right to compensation. They will fight for you to receive the maximum financial recovery allowed so that you can take the time off of work that you need. 

Factors to Consider Before Going Back to Work

You should consider several factors before returning to work after a car accident. Going back on the job too soon could result in serious complications or could exacerbate your condition. You should always consult with a medical professional before returning to work.

Questions to ask before returning to work:

  • Were you cleared by your doctor?
  • Are you still in pain?
  • Should you request reasonable accommodations?
  • Did your doctor put you under any restrictions?
  • Are you on medications that could affect your performance?
  • What is your company‚Äôs return to work policy?
  • Did you get a second opinion?

After a car accident, you need to prioritize your recovery. You should not return to work if your injuries are serious and you have not fully recovered. Returning to work could not only cause further health problems, but it could also directly impact the amount of compensation you receive. Returning to work may indicate that your injuries are less severe than you originally stated. 

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

To learn more about your rights after a car accident, you should consult with an attorney as early in the process as possible. An attorney can help you understand whether you are entitled to compensation and eligible to file a claim for damages. Damages may include compensation for the time you have to take off work to recover from your injuries (lost wages).
Were you injured in a car accident in New York City? Contact our office at (718) 233-3913 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Even if another lawyer rejected your case, we might be able to help. Call now to get started.

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