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Rear ended. What Is My Case Worth?


Rear end accident, simply means having another vehicle hit your car from behind. Rear end accidents are often caused by distracted driving. If you’ve been rear-ended the right auto accident attorney will pursue just compensation for your injuries. The law firm of Ajlouny Injury Law helps individuals injured in a car accident file rear-end accident claims.

New York law usually finds the driver from behind responsible for a rear-end collision. Keeping a safe distance, at a steady speed, when following the flow of traffic is drivers education 101. Sudden slamming of the breaks due to excessive speed or distraction can result in a rear-end collision with consequences. Injured in a rear-end vehicle accident? Call 800-535-5029 for free advice from top NY personal injury attorneys.


Nearly one third of all motor vehicle accidents are the result of rear-end collisions according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Common causes of rear-end collisions include: Speeding. Distracted driving (i.e. texting, reading, eating, etc.)

A rear-end collision occurs when a vehicle crashes into the one in front of it. Common factors contributing to rear-end collisions include driver inattention or distraction, tailgating, panic stops, and reduced traction due to wet weather or worn pavement.

Most rear-end collisions occur during early day hours (Rush hour) on dry, straight and level roads. In stop-and-go traffic during New York rush hour, a rear-end accident will most likely occur.

What to Do When You’re Rear-Ended
  1. Take a deep breath, and don’t panic.
  2. Check for injuries. Seek medical attention for those injured.
  3. Call the police and report the accident.
  4. Take pictures and document the positions of the vehicles. …
  5. Get a copy of the accident report.
  6. Contact your insurance company.
  7. Hire A Car Accident Lawyer ASAP.

If someone hits you from behind, it is almost never your fault, regardless of why you stopped. A driver should be able to stop his or her vehicle safely if traffic is stopped ahead. 

I Just Got Rear Ended! Now What?

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